September 4, 2011

Hello Swap Members,

Events this week:

10-12 Upstairs Play
3:30 Sign Language with Sarah

9:30 Mr. Ben Music and… KOIN 6 News will be doing a story on us at this
time! Come promote Swap n Play
4pm Yoga Upstairs with Liz

10-12 Upstairs Play

10am Spanish with Nina

10am Compassionate Communication Parenting Class (feel to bring your

10am Pancakes with Dad. Come on Dads! Hang out at Swap n Play with your
little ones. $1 per person. Dean will be making pancakes and we will also
provide orange juice. Bring coffee if you like and any other breakfast item
if you want. Should be a great daddy time(and mom’s can enjoy some quiet at

Other Exciting News:

We have partnered with Inner Elements Yoga and all swap n play families
get a 30 Day Free Pass to the studio. I will leave the passes in the space
for you to pick up. You have two weeks to redeem your pass for your free 30
days of classes, so act fast! There are classes for families and daycare
options as well.

PLEASE come down to swap this Tuesday at 9:15 for our news story on Koin 6
and Mr. Ben’s music time. If you are brave enough to be asked a question or
two on camera, email me! (I don’t like doing it either, but it is a great
opportunity to promote all the swap n plays). The reporter only needs a
couple families, so even if you don’t want to be interviewed come be in the
background and enjoy the music with your kids!

Anyone available Sunday September 25th to be a friendly face at Green
Sprouts Baby Festival at Penninsula Park or Sunday Parkways at Woodlawn
Park? We are double booked. (originally Green Sprouts was Saturday not
Sunday). I need some help standing behind our booths handing out flyers and
promoting our space. I can get back to anyone interested with specific
times/more info/etc.

Remember Member Dues are Due! Please pay either online with paypal from
our website or leave a check/cash in the mailbox at swap n play.

Have a great week!


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