September 25th, 2011

Here are our events this week

10-12 Upstairs Play

9:30 Mr. Ben (in the ballroom)

4pm family Yoga in the ballroom

10-12 Upstairs Play
11am Craft Fall leaf rubbings: This week we will be making a large leaft mural for the wall as well as individual projects that we can take home.

4pm Knitting/Crochet Class

10am Compassionate Communication Parenting Class

We are right at 60 families! I am planning to fill up to 75 families, and then possibly have a waiting list after that depending on how the space feels. (If we can push to 85 or more I will try).

We are having an Open House October 8th from 10-2pm. We will have a craft time for families to participate in as well as snacks and our toys both downstairs and upstairs. If you know of anyone who wants to sign up… have them come check us out that day! Interested families can always come during my hours I post on the website weekly.

Thanks to: Liberty, Linea, Erika, Angela, Nicole and Erin for helping at the festivals this weekend. Great success!

Food Buying: Our food buying groups are up and running. If you are interested, and are not a part of the group or want more info, check out the groups on our website and email either Jessica or Jessie for more info.

Co-op Jobs: Andrea is working hard getting our co-op jobs nailed down. If you need a job, please email her at:

Dues: This Saturday is October 1st! If you only paid Sept. dues, either leave me a check at swap in the green envelope on the bulletin board, or pay online with paypal. At the end of this week, Angela will be sending out an email reminder. Thanks!

In the works at swap: Exercise with baby class (use your baby as a weight) and Afternoon Big-Kids Playdate (ages 3 and up).

Reminder!!! Yoga pass to Inner Elements!!! Take in your pass ASAP to get on on some FREE yoga. I will be going this week with Laney Thursday afternoon to the family yoga time, meet me there :)! If you don’t have a pass and are interested email me!

Enjoy your week-

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