September 11, 2011

Hi Swap n Play,

Weekly Events:

Upstairs Play 10-12

Mr. Ben Music 9:30
Family Yoga 4pm

Upstairs Play 10-12
Craft Time 10am

No Compassionate Communication Class this Friday

Movie Night!! 5pm Upstairs (Details are in the flyer that is attached)

We had a great pancake breakfast with the Dads! Thanks for taking the kids
for a bit giving the moms a break! We will do another dad event soon.
(There was a lot of beer… maybe something involving that).

In our schedule there is a new event added: Craft Time! We will be
offering a weekly craft thanks to Heather from Creative Recycling Workshops
and Green Crafts. Check her out on facebook to get an idea of the types of
crafts she does! They are really great. It is a “parent invloved craft
time.” We are asking members to pay $4 a craft to cover costs and non
members $5 if you want to bring in a non member. By the craft area I have a
sign up sheet if you want to participate. If you decide Wednesday morning
you want to come, but did not sign up, come anyway, it is just to get an
idea of how many will be participating. Heather is also going to help add a
kids art mural in the space!

Koin 6 News will be airing the swap footage sometime between 5am and 7am
Wednesday. That is early, but I bet a good number of us are up that early

Remember Sunday Parkways and Green Sprouts Baby Festival are Sunday the
25th. I am looking for 1 or 2 more people to help with each one and, I
really need a second festival tent e-z up type sun shade. I have one, but
not two. If anyone has access to one, PLEASE let me know!!

Co-op Jobs: If you are new to swap, and need a co-op job, we will be
emailing out openings this week. Thanks to Andrea, who will be our co-op
job coordinator, we are getting everything in place this week. She will be
sending out emails regarding jobs soon!

Dues: Member Dues are due by Thursday!!! Please drop your dues in the
mailbox at swap or pay with paypal online. I will be changing the code to
the door at the end of the week.

Food Buying groups: If you are interested in joining our food buying
groups please email Jessica Benjamin, We have an Azure Standard group that
is getting started and are looking for a few more members to join.

And, unless you have emailed me back to confirm you are getting these
emails (newest members already have) please email me back a “Yes I got it”
type response. It has come to my attention a couple members have not been
getting the updates! Thanks.


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