October 9th, 2011

Hi everyone,

Events for the week:

3pm Story Time with Sara

9:30 Mr. Ben
10-12 Open Gym Upstairs
4pm Family Yoga Upstairs, all ages welcome!

10-12 Open Gym Upstairs
11am Craft Time: Recycled Jar Jack O’Lanterns ($4 for members, $5 for non-members)

4pm Knitting/Crochet, a great time to start a new project and learn from Lisa

NVC Class cancelled
3pm Big Kids (3 and up) Play Group Upstairs

Upcoming Events:

October 14th/15th: Date Night and Morning: Cassidy is organizing date-time for parents to get away and leave the little ones at swap. She can take 8 kids Friday night, and 8 kids Saturday morning. (and looking for one more volunteer for Saturday). If you are interested in using the service or helping out, email: cassidy.richey@gmail.com

October 24th 7pm, Parent Book Club. We will be meeting to discuss the book. “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” by John Gottman. If you are new to swap, please feel free to get the book and join us! Jeslin, jeshancock@gmail.com, will be leading the class. Please email her with any questions.

Carrie, mayfly77@gmail.com, is offering a new birth preparation class at Woodlawn Swap n Play beginning later this month. She says  “We will be focusing on relaxation techniques, massage and other comfort measures that can be used throughout labor. It is intended to be a time–and space– for parents to ask questions, practice working with contractions and discuss ways to support a positive birth experience.” If you are interested, here are the two time options. Please email her and let her know your choice. Option A) Thursday Oct. 27th 6:30 or 7pm Option B) Friday Oct. 28th 6:30 or 7pm.

October 30th Halloween Party in The Village Ballroom! We are opening this party up to the neighborhood as well, and will have volunteers helping from The Oregon Community Church providing activities for our kids. If you are interested in coming, and can bring a side dish to share, please email me! It is my hope that Swap n Play families can help provide the food for the party. (See the flyer on our website soon)

Other Information:

We are still in need of a vacuum. If you have one to donate, please email me!

Food Buying Groups: If  you are new to swap n play, and want more info about our food buying groups, please check our website for the group you are interested in joining.

My hours are now: Tuesday 9:30-11 and Wednesday 10-12

Need a co-op job still? Email andrea@woodlawnswapnplay.org. If you joined at the open house, she will be sending you information soon.

If anyone wants more information regarding the advisory board I am putting together, and are intersrted in being a member, contact me!

Play Groups:

Here are the play groups we have scheduled for now, lets see how these work out: ( I need to edit the website). The 12-18 month age has two groups since they are our biggest age group.

12-18 months 3pm

10am 2-3year olds
6-12 months 12:30pm

12-18 months 12pm

18-24months 10am

3yrs and up 3pm

Have a great week!

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