October 23, 2011

Events for the week:

(Additional Ages and Stages Meet-Ups are on our website)


Coming soon: Storytime/Song Time 10am I need your feedback: Would you be interested in this sort of activity where parents/caretakers sing silly songs with their children as a group and read a few stories together as well? Does this day/time work for you?

7pm Book Club (SWAP CLOSES AT 7PM for families, unless you need to bring a baby to book club): We read “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” by John Gottman. If you did not finish, its ok!, and if you did not read the book but are interested, please feel welcome to come and chat about it!

9:30 Mr. Ben Music
10-12 Open Gym Upstairs
4pm Yoga with Liz upstairs

10-12 Open gym Upstairs
11am Craft: Ghost Hand prints ($2 per member)

4pm Knitting/Crochet with Lisa. I hear a great group has started! Feel free to come learn from Lisa, she has everything you need to get started on a project.

7pm: Birth Preparation Class, taught by Carrie. SWAP CLOSES AT 7PM

9:30 French! New class. We have two moms who speak French and want to share their talents with our members. Come and learn more about it!

3pm Big Kids (3+) Meet up Upstairs

4pm Halloween Party! This event is open to anyone in the community. Please invite friends, family etc.


We have lots to share among our families, and if there is something you want to share with the group, use our Google Group! If you are having trouble accessing/using the group, please email Angela at: lelunut@gmail.com.

I am really frustrated with our lights that keep going out! So silly! And, Dean, my husband, is only around on the weekends to fix them… if anyone feels comfortable getting up on the ladder to fix them while I am there, I have a new type of bulb to try. Sorry…We will get to it as soon as we can.

Someone is coming to fix the bathroom tomorrow morning. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon!

Date Night is happening again! Nov. 4th and 5th. Friday night from 5-8 and Saturday am from 8-11. If you are interested in using the service, please email cassidy.richey@gmail.com

Halloween Party Info:

I have attached the party flyer!

We are still looking for dry ice if possible. If anyone wants to help with this, please email me!

I changed the food assignments a little. If you last name starts with : A-G Hot appetizer, H-S Cold appetizer, T-Z dessert

I will be sending out another member name/child(ren)s name/phone number list soon! (Still waiting on a couple applications). That way swap families can have contact information if necessary and plan activites together outside of swap n play!

We are right at 85 members, and will be for another week. If I think we have room for more families, (not past 100), I will accept applications at the beginning of Nov. Our waiting list is at 23. If anyone has friends who are interested, please have them email me their contact info and I will add them to the list.

What do you think? Everyone uses swap at different times depending on their child’s age. When you are at swap, do you feel like it can accommodate more families? I am taking all opinions into consideration before I decide! Thanks.

Food Buying:
Dave’s Killer Bread order pick-up this Wednesday. Put your check/cash in the envelope marked “bread” in the sign in book. Checks made out to Woodlawn Swap n Play.

Neighborhood Help!
A GREAT service opportunity: The Woodlawn Community Garden needs your help! Sunday, October 30th, at 10am a group from The Oregon Community Church will be preparing the garden for winter along with others in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Want to help? Interested in the garden? Come  join the team! (Meet at the garden).

Plants: I really think some plants would be nice to have in our space, up where the children won’t reach them. I think it would be nice over the winter, and help the air quality at swap. If you don’t have a co-op job, and helping with the plants interests you, please email andrea@woodlawnswapnplay.org

In addition, if you are still in need of a job, please contact andrea@woodlawnswapnplay.org or myself. We can help find something for you!

Enjoy your week.

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