November 20th, 2011

Weekly Update

Events this week:
10am Silly Song time and Stories with Beth. Please bring a book to read/share with the group (if you want) that you have been enjoying with your little ones at home! I will bring a few to share and we will get our sillies out!!

7pm Parent Education Night with Jeslin. SWAP WILL CLOSE AT 7PM for families. Babies are welcome to come to parent night. Come learn from our child development researcher mama :). We have been reading a book by John Gottman, PhD. Called “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” come and join the conversation, even if you have not read the book!

9:30 Mr. Ben music upstairs
10-12 Upstairs Open Gym

10-12 Open Gym Upstairs

Happy Thanksgiving!

No Knitting, French, or Friday Big Kids Playgroup this week due to Thanksgiving.

News and Updates:

I am still coordinating a First Aid class, details to come. (I am waiting on a date from the instructor).

Dec. 1st: Birth Preparation Class with Carrie. Free to members, $5 for non-members. This class will focus on the 2nd Stage of Labor and Comfort Techniques. Contact Carrie for more information.

If you could use a hi-chair while at swap, I will have one available in the back storage area by the bathroom.

We are going to leave the heat switch turned to ON, not OFF, and use the thermostat to control the temp. at swap n play. If you get there and need to turn the heat on, which we will be doing a lot of these days, please just adjust the
temp. on the thermostat accordingly. When you leave, please make sure to turn the heat down (50 degrees would be good). I will also leave a note by the heat. Thanks!!

Member Dues: Our Fall session will be up at the end of Nov.  Instead of starting another 3 month session in Dec like I had planned, I am going to ask families pay ONLY for Dec. and then start another session in Jan and go through March. Three reasons for the change: Families tend to spend more money during this time of year than others, and $60 is a substantial amount of money. St John’s Swap n Play will begin a new session in Jan, and we have some joint members with them, so this puts us on the same session cycle, and three, this will be much easier for taxes to keep the income separated from the coming year. I will leave the black mailbox by the sign-in sheet for dues payments as well as a payment log. Dues are due until Dec. 15th.

If you know that you are going to discontinue your membership after Nov. 30th, moving/work change etc., please let me know right away. We have some anxious families that want to join (46 to be exact)!

Upcoming Projects:
Things to keep your eyes out for…
I am working on hanging the bulletin board for swapping items.
I am going to be hanging some indoor plants to help improve the air quality for winter!!
New curtains for the changing table/storage area
And, I have someone who is going to re-finish the table top and add a clear coat to protect if from food/drink spills.
I have more supplies to keep the mice out!! Dean and I will be doing some more mice-proofing this coming weekend.

Food Buying:
Veggie orders due by Friday for Saturday pick-up
Dave’s Killer Bread order has begun for Nov. 30th delivery. Email jessie for the spreadsheet if you did not get it, and want to be included.

Jobs: Thanks to all of you for doing your swap jobs! Swap n Play would not be the amazing place it is without everyone helping out. Thank you for cleaning shelves, cleaning the bathroom, teaching classes, organizing food buying groups, sorting clothes, cleaning the floors, organizing toys, deep cleaning toys, taking out the garbage, carrying toys up and down the stairs, helping with projects from home, and I could go on and on!!!

And, I also want to take a moment to express a HUGE thank you to all the families that are a part of swap n play. I am so thrilled that so many families have joined and want to support swap n play! It has been an amazing first 6 months, meeting all of you and creating a community for our kids to be a part of.

Enjoy your week,

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