November 13th, 2011

Weekly Update Sunday, Nov. 13th

Events for the week:


Due to Laney’s nasty cough, I will not be able to host Songs and Stories at 10am. If you are still interested in meeting other families for this class, head on over to swap n play with a book to read with other families and pop in the CD player 17 Songs Kids Love to Sing, like BINGO, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Hokey Pokey etc.

9:30 Mr. Ben Music
10-12 Open Gym Upstairs

10-12 Open Gym Upstairs
12:30 Exercise with baby (Bring a carrier for your baby and a mat). Bigger kids are welcome to come and run around upstairs as well while you exercise.

10am Spanish with Nina. Spend some time speaking Spanish to your little one and others!

9:30 French with Amanda and Alexandra. Spend some time exposing your child to French, and sing some French songs.
3pm Big Kids Playdate Upstairs (3 years and up)

Upcoming Events:

Monday, Nov. 21st 7pm Parent Education night.
Here is a little about the group:
Our developmental book group will meet on Monday November 21st and Monday December 12th to continue our discussion of Gottman’s book. We will discuss our experiences parenting our young kids and applying the emotion coaching techniques described by Gottman. We will also discuss developmental milestones that may be helpful to keep in mind when applying emotion coaching to our parent-child interactions. We are all at different stages of reading this book, so please feel free to come to the group whether you have had time to read it or not. Please email with any questions at

Dec. 1st: Birth Preparation Class by Carrie. 7pm.
We will be continue to focus on relaxation techniques and comfort measures–this time though for the 2nd stage of labor. We will also be discussing comfort techniques for variations during labor (back labor, long early stage or active/transition stage, etc.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, and also, please feel free to invite other moms that you think might be interested!
Thank you, I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

Dec. 3rd: Breakfast with Dad at swap n play. More details to come soon, mark your calendars!


Does anyone have a Dustbuster they don’t use at home and would like to donate to swap? It would be great to have one to clean up little spills and messes here and there.

Please try to clean up after yourself as much as possible. We are still fighting against some little mice creatures that like our crumbs at night! I am still working with an exterminator on the issue.

Thanks to our birthday mama Janine we have a birthday board! Please encourage your child to make a little card etc. for our birthday kids. The birthday child can take home his/her cards on or around their birthday. This is just one more way we can try to encourage community with our kids as well.

New co-op job opportunity: Bench Cleaner! (sounds fun, I know!) If you still need a co-op job I am adding two spots for someone to vacuum the bench. (This will cut down on the crumbs and help keep the eating area more tidy). Interested? Email

There has been some great activity with our Google group and swapping larger items, which reminds me I will be putting up the bulletin board this week to post on notecards items such as hi-chairs, swings, bouncy chairs etc. for swapping. If you have something like this, fill out a card, or if you are looking for something here is one more way to get your request out there!

Don’t forget to bring in your old costumes to swap n play. I am excited to add more dress-up options and to encourage our kids imaginations! Put them over by the clothing bins. Thanks!

Next time you are at swap, take a look at the lost and found cubby and the dishes left from the Halloween Party. We are getting quite a collection of cups and misc. clothes.

First Aid/CPR Update: I found some cheaper/shorter class options for our group. A 2 hour class!! Interested? Email me!

Food Buying:
Veggie orders are due by Friday 8am for Saturday pick-up. Interested in the group info: email Jessie at

Azure orders due Tuesday 4pm for Friday pick-up.

Have a good week! Please contact me with any questions about our events or activities you would like to see at swap.


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