January 1, 2012

Weekly Update: There is lots going on!!


9:30 Mr. Ben

10-12 Upstairs Play

9:30 Storytime

11am Craft with Heather $2 for members. Sock Snowman!
This will be our last craft time with Heather,  Nedra, new member, will be taking over crafts for swap families two Thursdays a month at 11:30 and be free for families! Thanks Nedra!

10-12 Upstairs Play

French 9:30
Big Kids Playdate 3:30 in the ballroom

Our website is current with our calendar as well as the bulletin board at swap n play.

Events coming up:

Jan 8th: Family Square Dance! Join us for our first Family Square Dance in the ballroom at 4pm. Free for swap families, but if you want to leave some money to tip the musicians great! Questions, contact stephanie@btaoregon.org. All ages and any family members are welcome to come and dance!

Jan 19th: Music with Maggie 9:30am. We have a new member who teaches Music Together classes in Portland, and is willing to offer a similar class once a month to Swap n Play families! If you would like to reserve a spot for January, please email me to RSVP, space is limited. This is a great opportunity to enjoy music together with your child, any age is welcome.

Jan. 18th, 7:00-8:30 Red Cross Class!! Free! This is not a complete CPR/First Aid class, but the Red Cross has partnered with the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association to offer a Home Safety type class. Swap n Play will be used that evening as the child care facility for the event. I will have a flyer soon posted with the details. This is a great opportunity!

Jan 22nd: 3pm: Laura Veirs and The Tumble Bees concert with Mr. Ben opening! Here is the link to get tickets.
We have sold about a third of the tickets already, and I will be emailing our waiting list the link early this week as well as promoting it city-wide… so get your tickets! I will be putting the money we make toward a storage closet upstairs!

Jan 23rd: Interested in discussing preschool ideas with other families and teachers? I have three guest speakers coming to swap n play at 7pm to share preschool knowledge in the areas of: Montessori, Waldorf, co-op preschools, and in-home options. Interested in coming? Please RSVP to me so I can have the speakers bring the appropriate materials. Thanks!

Jan. 27th/Jan. 28th: Date night and morning. Cassidy is looking for volunteers for our parent date times these days. 3 more volunteers are needed. If you can volunteer, please email cassidy.richey@gmail.com. We will have sign-ups coming soon.

We have an amazing opportunity coming soon (February) to take advantage of a Free Parenting Seminar offered by NW Family Services. The class is very similar to Love and Logic, which many of us are familiar with. Here is some info from the instructor: “Participate in our informative and fun workshop series and learn what it means to parent with love and logic. Love and Logic is a nationally known program that has been recognized as an effective parenting strategy for parents who have children of all ages. Relationship skills also included in this workshop are based on the Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), which has thirty years’ worth of research behind it.”

Session topics include:

  • Motivating your child to be responsible
  • Gaining control through choices
  • Enjoying your role as a parent
  • Modeling good communication skills
  • Becoming and encouraging better listeners

Space is limited, so please RSVP if you are INTERESTED since we don’t have dates yet. And…. would you rather the class be offered: Sunday afternoon with childcare, or a weekday evening without childcare? PLEASE let me know.

We are off to a great start in the New Year!

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