Four Things

Hi Everyone… Sorry for another email this week, but just some important info:

1. Date Night: Anyone interested in helping be a date night sitter? We are looking for volunteers October 14th for the evening and October 15th for the morning. Email Cassidy:

2. I am putting together an Advisory Board for swap n play. So far, Andrea is Jobs Coordinator, and Angela is Membership Coordinator. I am looking for someone is act as Secretary, President and Vice President for our board. If there is any interest out there, email me!! I can give more details to those interested. Basics: (President: runs the meeting/agenda, VP runs the meetings if President is absent, and Secretary takes meeting notes for the group). We would meet about once a month or every six weeks to discuss swap info, and anyone from swap n play is welcome to attend the meetings. If you want to help with decision making for swap and be more involved, let me know.

3. Google Group: We are moving toward the Google Group for group discussions etc. to not clutter up email inboxes. I will still send a large email out to swap members to ensure that everyone gets important info. If there is something you would like to share with swap members, please post it to the group. We are just trying this out. (St. Johns swap is considering doing something like this as well so all members can participate in discussions). Any feedback about the group would be great!

4. Halloween Party Movie Night!! October 30th we will be hosting a Halloween party and movie for the neighborhood kids and Swap n Play. We need some skilled party planners to help out with games, food ideas, decorations. Interested? email Jill: This is going to be fun!


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