December 4, 2011

Events this week:

I apologize the December calendar is not on our website yet. I will get it up this week. An updated December calendar is on the bulletin board.

Storytime rescheduled to Wed. 9:30 with Sarah

Mr. Ben 9:30am
Upstairs Play 10-12
Parent Clothing Swap 6:30pm Swap n Play will close at 6:30 for family time to accommodate this event for our parents. Come and bring any clothes you want to exchange with other moms. All the clothes left over will be donated.

9am Knitting with Lisa
9:30 Storytime and Songs with Sarah (If you want to come and learn to knit or crochet from Lisa at 9, your kids can enjoy storytime with Sarah during this time).
10-12 Upstairs Play
11am Craft and Winter Wall Mural with Heather. $2 for members

9:30 French Class
3pm Big Kids Meet up (3 years and up)
5-8pm Date Night

8-11am Date Morning

Upcoming Events:

Monday, Dec. 12th 7pm Parent Education Night. Come, talk with other parents about topics you would like to see discussed in the next year. Bring discussion ideas, book ideas, or just come to connect more with other parents in our community.

Other News:
We had a great Dad’s breakfast and work day for the pub. Thanks for coming!

I recently welcomed a few new families to join us, please welcome any new faces!

Dec. dues payments are due by Dec. 15th. If you don’t plan on renewing your membership, please contact Angela at You can pay with paypal on our website, or leave cash or a check in the mailbox by the sign in book. Please note on the payment log how you paid just for our records. Thanks!

Co-op Jobs: If you are in need of a co-op job, and did not get Andrea’s recent email with the spreadsheet, please contact If you are set with a co-op job don’t worry about contacting her.

In the spirit of giving back to our community, we are going to be participating in a Food Drive for the month of December. Angela is decorating a box to put the food in at swap n play and will be able to store the food as we collect it at her house, and then deliver it to the food bank for us! Please bring in any canned/boxed food between Dec. 5-31st and leave it in the box. The Oregon Food Bank experiences quite a shortage of food after Christmas, so we decided to collect food through the whole month, and drop it off in the beginning of Jan to help their supply. I will be sending another more detailed email about this early this week.

A few quick reminders:
Please remember to turn the heat down and clean-up the toys when you are the last to leave. I know getting out the door can be REALLY hard sometimes!
We are hitting peak sickness time as well. Lots of us have been sick, including my kids! Please take a minute to review the sickness guidelines we have for swap n play to try to keep our kids healthy as the holidays are here!

Lots of great ideas are in the works for events next year.. If there is something you would like to see happen at swap n play, please contact me and we can get it started!

Enjoy your week-

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