October 16, 2011

This week’s events:

(Additional Ages and Stages Meet-Ups are on our website)

3pm Storytime with Sara

9:30 Mr. Ben music (upstairs)
10-12 Open Gym (upstairs)

4pm Yoga with Liz. Any age is welcome!

10-12 Open Gym (upstairs)
11am Craft. NOW ONLY $2 a person. This week, making playdough to take home.
12:30 Exercise with baby (upstairs). Bring a baby carrier and mat if you have one, Jaime has extras if not. This is a great time to exercise using you baby as a weight!

10am Spanish with Nina. Learn how to teach spanish to your child while playing together.
4pm Knitting with Lisa. A great time to start a new project and learn from Lisa.

3pm Big Kids (3 years and over) Playdate Upstairs

Info/News this week:

We have lots to share among our families, and if there is something you want to share with the group, use our Google Group! If you are having trouble accessing the group, please email Angela at: lelunut@gmail.com.

I am happy to announce that since our membership has grown, (85 families), members only need to pay $2 for our craft time instead of $4. Heather will be teaching our kids how to make playdough this week, Wendesday at 11am.

Thanks Cassidy, Liberty and Laura for making our date weekend a success. Next one TBA.

Seems like everyone has figured out the heat! Questions, ask me.

Two opportunitues coming up….
For both of these events, swap will CLOSE at 7pm, instead of 8pm for these parent opportunities (babies are welcome).
October 24th 7pm: Parent Book Club. We are reading “Raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child” by John Gottman. It is not too late to get the book and join us. Jeslin will be leading our discussion. jeshancock@gmail.com. Even if you just started the book, or are interested in the concept, please come!
October 27th 7pm: Birth preperation Class taught by Carrie mayfly77@gmail.com is offering a new birth preparation classat Woodlawn Swap n Play beginning later this month. She says “We will be focusing on relaxation techniques, massage and other comfort measures that can be used throughout labor. It is intended to be a time—and space– for parents to ask questions, practice working with contractions and discuss ways to support a positive birth experience.” If you are interested, please email her and let her know you are coming.

Halloween Party!! October 30th, 4-7pm, Village Ballroom. We will have games, Halloween kid-friendly movie, food, candy, face painting, craft table, and fun! Interested in helping: email jillgbonnin@gmail. If you are planning on joining in the fun, please bring something to share: Last name A-M bring a side dish/finger food, Last name N-Z bring a dessert. We are still looking for help with decorations and putting up flyers in the community.

A message from the clothing team:

A lot of great clothing and gear has been brought in for swapping lately. Thanks everyone!!

Lately some SNP members have been asking whether it’s okay to just leave swap items in bags or boxes at the back of the room, and the answer is yes! Members of the clothing team will happily sort your clothing, toys, books and gear into the appropriate locations! 🙂

Wondering whether it’s okay to bring in spring and/or summer clothes? The answer to that question is also yes (with a great big “please” attached!). We plan to store off-season clothing so that when spring arrives, we’ll all have lots of clothing to choose from. Also, if any of you are lucky enough to be heading to warmer climates before spring arrives, just let me know (akdena@yahoo.com) and I’ll bring in our stockpiles for you to peruse!

And what about maternity clothing? Unfortunately, our space isn’t large enough to store maternity clothes for swapping. So, if you do drop any off, please be aware that it’ll be put aside for donation (along with other pieces of wonderful infant and toddler clothing that just won’t fit into our bins). If you’re looking for maternity clothing or looking to share some, you may want to consider letting other members know via SNPs Facebook page or our new Google Groups.

On a different note, do you have infant or toddler gear that you’ve been meaning to sell? If you do, we’ve got the perfect reason for you to procrastinate! Come spring, the Swap ‘n’ Play will be hosting a community event upstairs in the ballroom that will (among other things) provide an opportunity for SNP members to grab a table and sell their stuff. The details of the event are still being worked out, but we’re tentatively aiming for the first weekend in March.

Neighborhood Help!
A GREAT service opportunity: The Woodlawn Community Garden needs your help! Sunday, October 30th, at 10am a group from The Oregon Community Church will be preparing the garden for winter along with others in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Want to help? Interested in the garden? Come join the team! (Meet at the garden).

Food Buying:
Azure Standard order is due by Tuesday at 4pm
Veggie order due by 8am Tuesday
Dave’s Killer Bread order is still open.

Thanks everyone!

October 9th, 2011

Hi everyone,

Events for the week:

3pm Story Time with Sara

9:30 Mr. Ben
10-12 Open Gym Upstairs
4pm Family Yoga Upstairs, all ages welcome!

10-12 Open Gym Upstairs
11am Craft Time: Recycled Jar Jack O’Lanterns ($4 for members, $5 for non-members)

4pm Knitting/Crochet, a great time to start a new project and learn from Lisa

NVC Class cancelled
3pm Big Kids (3 and up) Play Group Upstairs

Upcoming Events:

October 14th/15th: Date Night and Morning: Cassidy is organizing date-time for parents to get away and leave the little ones at swap. She can take 8 kids Friday night, and 8 kids Saturday morning. (and looking for one more volunteer for Saturday). If you are interested in using the service or helping out, email: cassidy.richey@gmail.com

October 24th 7pm, Parent Book Club. We will be meeting to discuss the book. “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” by John Gottman. If you are new to swap, please feel free to get the book and join us! Jeslin, jeshancock@gmail.com, will be leading the class. Please email her with any questions.

Carrie, mayfly77@gmail.com, is offering a new birth preparation class at Woodlawn Swap n Play beginning later this month. She says  “We will be focusing on relaxation techniques, massage and other comfort measures that can be used throughout labor. It is intended to be a time–and space– for parents to ask questions, practice working with contractions and discuss ways to support a positive birth experience.” If you are interested, here are the two time options. Please email her and let her know your choice. Option A) Thursday Oct. 27th 6:30 or 7pm Option B) Friday Oct. 28th 6:30 or 7pm.

October 30th Halloween Party in The Village Ballroom! We are opening this party up to the neighborhood as well, and will have volunteers helping from The Oregon Community Church providing activities for our kids. If you are interested in coming, and can bring a side dish to share, please email me! It is my hope that Swap n Play families can help provide the food for the party. (See the flyer on our website soon)

Other Information:

We are still in need of a vacuum. If you have one to donate, please email me!

Food Buying Groups: If  you are new to swap n play, and want more info about our food buying groups, please check our website for the group you are interested in joining.

My hours are now: Tuesday 9:30-11 and Wednesday 10-12

Need a co-op job still? Email andrea@woodlawnswapnplay.org. If you joined at the open house, she will be sending you information soon.

If anyone wants more information regarding the advisory board I am putting together, and are intersrted in being a member, contact me!

Play Groups:

Here are the play groups we have scheduled for now, lets see how these work out: ( I need to edit the website). The 12-18 month age has two groups since they are our biggest age group.

12-18 months 3pm

10am 2-3year olds
6-12 months 12:30pm

12-18 months 12pm

18-24months 10am

3yrs and up 3pm

Have a great week!

October 2, 2011

Events for the week:

No Upstairs play, moved to Tuesday

9:30 Mr. Ben music – (upstairs for real this time)
10-12 Upstairs play
4pm Yoga (upstairs)

10-12 Upstairs play
11am Craft Time (frames)
12:30 Exercise with baby class (Jaime)(upstairs) NEW!! Here is the info: This will be a 30-45 min class that will incorporate warm up/cool down, strength training, aerobic exercise, and abdominal strengthening. All fitness levels are welcome and we can adjust all exercises to fit the needs of each individual and baby. I suggest you bring a baby carrier (ergo, snugli, bjorne) any type that allows the baby to be held on the front, also a yoga mat or something of the sort so that we can do floor work, and of course water! Looking forward to Wednesday!

10am Spanish (and maybe some music as well)
4pm Knitting: A great time to learn how to knit or crochet from our expert Lisa. She has all the materials to get you started to knit that hat you have always wanted to knit for your baby!

10am NVC Parenting Class

10-2pm OPEN HOUSE. We are at 64 families, and want to get to our 75-80 mark! We will have snacks and crafts for everyone compliments of Heather our craft expert starting at 10:30. Feel free to drop by and hang out.

Important Information:

My hours are now, Tuesday 9:30-11, and Wednesday 10-12

Dues Payments: If you need to pay October dues, please put the money in the green envelope or black mailbox (I will bring it back tomorrow).

Payment for Veggies/Bread: Envelopes and spreadsheets are now in the sign in book under the veggie or bread section.

Job Chart: The job chart is also located in the sign in book under the “jobs” tab. Please initial here when you have completed your job for the month.

Halloween Party 4-7pm: We are opening up this party to the neighborhood as well! If you want to help in any way please contact Jill Bonnin: We still need parents to volunteer to help out so please email me at jillgbonnin@gmail.com if you are interested.  We need people to help organize food (pot-luck), games/crafts, decorations and coordinate volunteers for set-up,clean-up, etc.  Even if you don’t want to be involved in the planning but can offer to help out on the day of the party, please let me know.

Pictures: I will be adding some photos of our kids playing on our space on our website. If you don’t want your child on our website, please email me! I want to be sensitive to that.

Vacuum: We are in need of another vacuum. If you have one to donate, please contact me. THANKS!

Upcoming Events:

October 14th 3pm: Big Kids Playdate (ages 3 and up)
October 14th/15th: Date night/Breakfast– contact Cassidy for more information
Storytime starting Mondays, 3pm, October 10th will be our first one (thanks to Sara Morton)
October 24th: Parent Book Club! 7pm at swap. We are reading “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” by John Gottman. If you are interested in reading the book and joining in some conversation about it please come! Jeslin will be leading our discussion (she is a child development researcher).

Lots going on! Glad you are a part of it!

Four Things

Hi Everyone… Sorry for another email this week, but just some important info:

1. Date Night: Anyone interested in helping be a date night sitter? We are looking for volunteers October 14th for the evening and October 15th for the morning. Email Cassidy: cassidy.richey@gmail.com

2. I am putting together an Advisory Board for swap n play. So far, Andrea is Jobs Coordinator, and Angela is Membership Coordinator. I am looking for someone is act as Secretary, President and Vice President for our board. If there is any interest out there, email me!! I can give more details to those interested. Basics: (President: runs the meeting/agenda, VP runs the meetings if President is absent, and Secretary takes meeting notes for the group). We would meet about once a month or every six weeks to discuss swap info, and anyone from swap n play is welcome to attend the meetings. If you want to help with decision making for swap and be more involved, let me know.

3. Google Group: We are moving toward the Google Group for group discussions etc. to not clutter up email inboxes. I will still send a large email out to swap members to ensure that everyone gets important info. If there is something you would like to share with swap members, please post it to the group. We are just trying this out. (St. Johns swap is considering doing something like this as well so all members can participate in discussions). Any feedback about the group would be great!

4. Halloween Party Movie Night!! October 30th we will be hosting a Halloween party and movie for the neighborhood kids and Swap n Play. We need some skilled party planners to help out with games, food ideas, decorations. Interested? email Jill: jillgbonnin@gmail.com. This is going to be fun!


September 25th, 2011

Here are our events this week

10-12 Upstairs Play

9:30 Mr. Ben (in the ballroom)

4pm family Yoga in the ballroom

10-12 Upstairs Play
11am Craft Fall leaf rubbings: This week we will be making a large leaft mural for the wall as well as individual projects that we can take home.

4pm Knitting/Crochet Class

10am Compassionate Communication Parenting Class

We are right at 60 families! I am planning to fill up to 75 families, and then possibly have a waiting list after that depending on how the space feels. (If we can push to 85 or more I will try).

We are having an Open House October 8th from 10-2pm. We will have a craft time for families to participate in as well as snacks and our toys both downstairs and upstairs. If you know of anyone who wants to sign up… have them come check us out that day! Interested families can always come during my hours I post on the website weekly.

Thanks to: Liberty, Linea, Erika, Angela, Nicole and Erin for helping at the festivals this weekend. Great success!

Food Buying: Our food buying groups are up and running. If you are interested, and are not a part of the group or want more info, check out the groups on our website and email either Jessica or Jessie for more info.

Co-op Jobs: Andrea is working hard getting our co-op jobs nailed down. If you need a job, please email her at: andrea@woodlawnswapnplay.org

Dues: This Saturday is October 1st! If you only paid Sept. dues, either leave me a check at swap in the green envelope on the bulletin board, or pay online with paypal. At the end of this week, Angela will be sending out an email reminder. Thanks!

In the works at swap: Exercise with baby class (use your baby as a weight) and Afternoon Big-Kids Playdate (ages 3 and up).

Reminder!!! Yoga pass to Inner Elements!!! Take in your pass ASAP to get on on some FREE yoga. I will be going this week with Laney Thursday afternoon to the family yoga time, meet me there :)! If you don’t have a pass and are interested email me!

Enjoy your week-

September 11, 2011

Hi Swap n Play,

Weekly Events:

Upstairs Play 10-12

Mr. Ben Music 9:30
Family Yoga 4pm

Upstairs Play 10-12
Craft Time 10am

No Compassionate Communication Class this Friday

Movie Night!! 5pm Upstairs (Details are in the flyer that is attached)

We had a great pancake breakfast with the Dads! Thanks for taking the kids
for a bit giving the moms a break! We will do another dad event soon.
(There was a lot of beer… maybe something involving that).

In our schedule there is a new event added: Craft Time! We will be
offering a weekly craft thanks to Heather from Creative Recycling Workshops
and Green Crafts. Check her out on facebook to get an idea of the types of
crafts she does! They are really great. It is a “parent invloved craft
time.” We are asking members to pay $4 a craft to cover costs and non
members $5 if you want to bring in a non member. By the craft area I have a
sign up sheet if you want to participate. If you decide Wednesday morning
you want to come, but did not sign up, come anyway, it is just to get an
idea of how many will be participating. Heather is also going to help add a
kids art mural in the space!

Koin 6 News will be airing the swap footage sometime between 5am and 7am
Wednesday. That is early, but I bet a good number of us are up that early

Remember Sunday Parkways and Green Sprouts Baby Festival are Sunday the
25th. I am looking for 1 or 2 more people to help with each one and, I
really need a second festival tent e-z up type sun shade. I have one, but
not two. If anyone has access to one, PLEASE let me know!!

Co-op Jobs: If you are new to swap, and need a co-op job, we will be
emailing out openings this week. Thanks to Andrea, who will be our co-op
job coordinator, we are getting everything in place this week. She will be
sending out emails regarding jobs soon!

Dues: Member Dues are due by Thursday!!! Please drop your dues in the
mailbox at swap or pay with paypal online. I will be changing the code to
the door at the end of the week.

Food Buying groups: If you are interested in joining our food buying
groups please email Jessica Benjamin, We have an Azure Standard group that
is getting started and are looking for a few more members to join.

And, unless you have emailed me back to confirm you are getting these
emails (newest members already have) please email me back a “Yes I got it”
type response. It has come to my attention a couple members have not been
getting the updates! Thanks.


September 4, 2011

Hello Swap Members,

Events this week:

10-12 Upstairs Play
3:30 Sign Language with Sarah

9:30 Mr. Ben Music and… KOIN 6 News will be doing a story on us at this
time! Come promote Swap n Play
4pm Yoga Upstairs with Liz

10-12 Upstairs Play

10am Spanish with Nina

10am Compassionate Communication Parenting Class (feel to bring your

10am Pancakes with Dad. Come on Dads! Hang out at Swap n Play with your
little ones. $1 per person. Dean will be making pancakes and we will also
provide orange juice. Bring coffee if you like and any other breakfast item
if you want. Should be a great daddy time(and mom’s can enjoy some quiet at

Other Exciting News:

We have partnered with Inner Elements Yoga and all swap n play families
get a 30 Day Free Pass to the studio. I will leave the passes in the space
for you to pick up. You have two weeks to redeem your pass for your free 30
days of classes, so act fast! There are classes for families and daycare
options as well.

PLEASE come down to swap this Tuesday at 9:15 for our news story on Koin 6
and Mr. Ben’s music time. If you are brave enough to be asked a question or
two on camera, email me! (I don’t like doing it either, but it is a great
opportunity to promote all the swap n plays). The reporter only needs a
couple families, so even if you don’t want to be interviewed come be in the
background and enjoy the music with your kids!

Anyone available Sunday September 25th to be a friendly face at Green
Sprouts Baby Festival at Penninsula Park or Sunday Parkways at Woodlawn
Park? We are double booked. (originally Green Sprouts was Saturday not
Sunday). I need some help standing behind our booths handing out flyers and
promoting our space. I can get back to anyone interested with specific
times/more info/etc.

Remember Member Dues are Due! Please pay either online with paypal from
our website or leave a check/cash in the mailbox at swap n play.

Have a great week!


August 29, 2011

Lots to share this week:

Weekly Events:
10-12 Upstairs Play
3:30 Sign Language

Mr. Ben 9:30

10-12 Upstairs Play
Yoga Time TBA

Spanish with Nina time TBA

Compassionate Communication Class 10am-11

Events Coming Soon:

I will be sending emails to families who have expressed interest in
joining for our fall session to come sign up and play for a free day on
September 3rd. If you know of any friends, neighbors etc. who would like to
join please personally invite them to come on down between 10am-2pm
Saturday September 3rd to join!

SEPTEMBER 6TH: KOIN News 6 will be coming between 9:15 and 10:30 to do a
story on us! The reporter asked that I line up a few families to interview
(probably 2 questions each).. if you are bold enough to do so… please
contact me!! I am looking for 3 volunteers. If you can make it down for the
taping PLEASE COME. This will be great advertising for our swap, and the
others in the Portland area.

SEPTEMBER 10TH: Pancakes with Dad

SEPTEMBER 18TH: Movie night in the ballroom. 5pm. Details to come.

SEPTEMBER 24th: Green Sprouts Baby Festival Pennisula Park
SEPTEMBER 25th: Sunday Parkways. We will be at Woodlawn!

Our Compassionate Communication Class will continue through September as

I will post our calendar online soon.

Fall Session Dues are here! Here is how to pay:
Paypal is up on our website. Click Membership, Pay Dues. Then select
either monthly dues, or session dues. (We are editing this from summer so
please stand by)!
At Swap n Play I will leave a locked mailbox where you can drop checks/cash
However you choose to pay, please fill out the Payment Log form next to
the mailbox. Check the box that applies, either Fall Session or Sept only.
This is my “checks and balances” system. One of our members (Angela) is
helping keep track of payments/membership and the log will help us out a
lot! Thanks. (I will be changing the code for our fall session Sept 18th,
so pay by then).

Enjoy your week!

August 22, 2011

Hi Swap families,

There are the events for this week:

Upstairs Play 10-12
Sign Language Class 3:30

Mr. Ben 9:30

Upstairs Play 10-12

Compassionate Communication Class (NVC) 10-11

We are getting close to our Fall Session – September/October/November and
I am excited to welcome more new families to swap! I will be sending out an
email regarding membership dues later this week.

Looks like our food buying groups are getting started for our first order
will be the first week of September. If you are not getting the emails
about those, email Jessica Benjamin or Jessie.

Outdoor team… We will be having another work day in September, I will be
setting the date soon!

Co-op Jobs: If you still don’t have a co-op job (I believe I sent an email
out to those of you) please get back to me about what team you would like
to join! Thanks.

Enjoy the last week of August…

August 14th, 2011

This week at Swap n Play we have:

Upstairs Play 10-12
Sign Language 3:30

Mr. Ben 9:30

Yoga 9:15
Upstairs Play 10-11 (Short day)

Spanish with Nina 10am

The Alberta Street Fair was a lot of fun, and met a lot of new families.
We will have many families stopping by in the next couple weeks!

Kersten took some beautiful photos of our kids. I will be displaying those
this week for everyone to see.

Things to keep in mind…

Our first parenting class begins August 26th, Commpassionate Communication
from 10am-11am.
I found someone to do a craft time for us once a week beginning in
September! She will also display the kids art in the space for us!
My husband Dean is hosting a Daddy pancake breakfast Saturday September
Movie night!! We will have our second movie night in September as well.
Details coming soon.

Enjoy your week,