August 29, 2011

Lots to share this week:

Weekly Events:
10-12 Upstairs Play
3:30 Sign Language

Mr. Ben 9:30

10-12 Upstairs Play
Yoga Time TBA

Spanish with Nina time TBA

Compassionate Communication Class 10am-11

Events Coming Soon:

I will be sending emails to families who have expressed interest in
joining for our fall session to come sign up and play for a free day on
September 3rd. If you know of any friends, neighbors etc. who would like to
join please personally invite them to come on down between 10am-2pm
Saturday September 3rd to join!

SEPTEMBER 6TH: KOIN News 6 will be coming between 9:15 and 10:30 to do a
story on us! The reporter asked that I line up a few families to interview
(probably 2 questions each).. if you are bold enough to do so… please
contact me!! I am looking for 3 volunteers. If you can make it down for the
taping PLEASE COME. This will be great advertising for our swap, and the
others in the Portland area.

SEPTEMBER 10TH: Pancakes with Dad

SEPTEMBER 18TH: Movie night in the ballroom. 5pm. Details to come.

SEPTEMBER 24th: Green Sprouts Baby Festival Pennisula Park
SEPTEMBER 25th: Sunday Parkways. We will be at Woodlawn!

Our Compassionate Communication Class will continue through September as

I will post our calendar online soon.

Fall Session Dues are here! Here is how to pay:
Paypal is up on our website. Click Membership, Pay Dues. Then select
either monthly dues, or session dues. (We are editing this from summer so
please stand by)!
At Swap n Play I will leave a locked mailbox where you can drop checks/cash
However you choose to pay, please fill out the Payment Log form next to
the mailbox. Check the box that applies, either Fall Session or Sept only.
This is my “checks and balances” system. One of our members (Angela) is
helping keep track of payments/membership and the log will help us out a
lot! Thanks. (I will be changing the code for our fall session Sept 18th,
so pay by then).

Enjoy your week!

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