The Woodlawn Swap and Play has been an amazing place for my 5 and 2 year old to meet up with other kiddos and play, to exchange shoes, clothes, toys and books, and for me as a Mama to either chat with other parents, or have some down time and drink my coffee while the kids play with new toys and new friends.

I also love the Food buying club and have been able to spend less on groceries this way!

Of course the ‘Date Night’ is an amazing bonus as well, and us parents just take turns babysitting once a month while the other parents can go out to dinner or get a drink across the street or have some quiet time.

Also, the music and free events/classes have been wonderful too.

WSP is an amazing community!


My favorite part of WSP is the community. We’ve met so many families and kids to play with, and we are meeting more and more all the time! -Ellie, mother to Ruby, 14 mos.

Carolina, mother of 3 year old twin boys

Swap and Play provided us with a play space and a community as newcomers to Portland, allowing me to connect with other parents as our children played, and creating community in this very isolated phase of early parenthood! It also defines what I love about Portland, a city where people connect in meaningful ways, and to swap resources in a culture of excess is absolutely precious!


Beth, We love WSP! I love that you can go anytime because it’s hard to be somewhere at a specific time with a little one. I love the sense of community, the cheap bread and sharing toys and clothes. These days I have to drag Luke (11 mos) away he’s enjoying the toys and other kids so much. Thanks for all that you do!

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