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Nominated as Best Parent/Child Development Program! 

Woo hoo! We were nominated for the Metro Parent/PDX Kids Calendar’s Family Favorites Award for Best Parent Child Development Program 2016. Thanks to everyone who cast their vote!


Our Mission: What we Strive to be…

At Woodlawn Swap ‘n Play each family enriches the lives of others through participation in our cooperative community. We are a place where children play, parents socialize, and kids toys and outgrown clothes are swapped. Through hosting family activities, playgroups, and kids music events, we hope to foster a sense of community, trust, and well-being for all families.

Our Approach: How we get there…
Woodlawn Swap ‘n Play is a place where families work together to create and promote community. In our cooperative environment, each member family has a manageable monthly task – of their choice – to help keep WSP a clean, fun and friendly place for all.  In our diverse group, families are encouraged to connect with each other by sharing experiences, knowledge and skills to make Woodlawn Swap ‘n Play a supportive and sustainable community.

Here are some questions you may have…

How does the swap part work?

Families bring items in usable condition to the space such as toys, clothing, books, and baby gear either to be used in the space, or to be taken home by other families. In exchange for bringing items families may take items to use in their own homes. It is our hope that by swapping instead of buying we not only reduce consumerism and waste as a community but also foster positive relationships among families. Swapping is based on the honor system, which we feel is important as it encourages trust in our community.

Where can my child play?

We have two indoor play areas. The main facility is open to members during regular swap hours. Two days a week the upstairs ballroom space is open for gross motor play. This is also where we hold our music events.

Remember, Everyone Brings Something…

Everyone has different skills, knowledge, ideas, and gifts. Woodlawn Swap n Play is a place to share your talent with other families. As our membership grows it will be exciting to see all the talents that we hold as a community and find ways to share them with one another. If there is a class you would like to start, an art project you would like to help with, or an organizational skill you possess and are willing to share with our community please contact Bob & Rebecca.